Wroclaw Food Tour
Wroclaw Vodka Tour
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Food Tasting and Culture Tour

(200 Zloty / Per person)

Taste the variety of Polish dishes and learn the stories of Polish culture!

Vodka Tasting and Culture Tour

(150 Zloty / Per Person)

Drink like a Pole! Learn the secrets and stories behind Polish vodka!

Craft Beer Tasting Tour

(140 Zloty / Per Person)

Taste the different types of Polish craft beer and learn more about it!





We’re a small group of food lovers who are passionate about sharing Polish incredible cuisine. We are deeply dedicated to Wroclaw and we are experts at making you feel like a local in each neighborhood we explore. We are committed to keeping your belly satisfied and your brain full with fun facts and finds. Our knowledge is based on our own experience and stories heard from out grandparents. We will be proud to share our knowledge and discoveries with you.

Join us to experience delicious Polish foods as well as culture, sights and history.


“A tasty way to get to know Poland!”

‘We took part in the tour in a small group. We visited four different restaurants and tasted six different polish dishes. Kamila presented the food and told many interesting stories around the different dishes; her partner Göksel was responsible for the communication and organization. The restaurants were typically local with a great atmosphere. I can recommend the tour to every Breslau visitor. I wish this concept would be available in more cities!”

Kerstin H.

“Exposure to great food and local culture”

I highly recommend going on the Wroclaw Food Tour. The tour was well planned, with very interesting stops both in terms of food and the restaurants themselves. It was delicious and opened up my eyes to many of the delicacies Wroclaw (and Poland) has to offer. Talking with the guids as we ate and walked through the city provided an interesting perspective on the culture, history and happenings in Wroclaw.

Marisa K.

“Great tour”

This was a friendly, enjoyable and entertaining tour by a young couple, Kamila and Goksel, who have just started this business. We ate a range of interesting foods and learned a lot of local history. We particularly enjoyed the Konspira restaurant, with its recreation of an early 1980s era Polish home. Great tour.


“Authentic taste of Poland”

Our tour with Hanna was great! We tried so many great polish foods and got to learn a little bit about their history as well as Wroclaw’s history. I highly recommend this tour and am so glad we participated!


“Excellent introduction to delicious Polish food”

I very much enjoyed the Wrocław Food Tour and highly recommend. It is, of course, all about the food but also about so much more ~ history, authenticity, a unique selection of carefully chosen restaurants, friendly and knowledgeable guides who love what they do and who greet you with the warmest welcome ~ it’s the whole experience. Not every restaurant excels at every dish, and the best of Polish food, as you’ll hear after talking to many Poles, is traditionally and culturally found almost exclusively in home-cooked meals, especially some soups that can literally take days to make. The guides have chosen different restaurants based not only on the ambiance and history of a particular place, but also based what a particular restaurant excels at and how closely the food compares to a good home-cooked meal. It was a very enjoyable evening. If you decide to take this tour, you will come away from it full and happy.


“Well Designed Tour”

It was a very pleasant 3 hours for me and my wife. We’ve tried lots of foods, even we werent able finish all) and learnt many interesting facts about Polish culture.Places we visited were choosen carefully, the foods and stories comleted each other.Our guide Kamila was a very knowledgeable and very friendly. She told us many useful tips that helped us a lot while staying in Wroclaw. I absolutely recommend Wroclaw Food Tour.

Jeremy M

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